Alois Jirasek square


We have tried to establish the historical traditions of the city and join the current view. We are looking for here historical references and symbolism sites. Because there stood the Augustinian convent, creating memory - the memory footprint square in the pavement created cloister cloister with a well, which is a part of every monastery. Here it was the same. Thus a square element to counterbalance the compositional center of gravity in the square will be located mystical image of a circle, which should imply historic urban character and the name of the town Lanškroun - Landeskrone - Earth crown. This crown will be made in the square ring of greenery, water and island as an expression landes - land and water. The crown is then given ground plan shape and along the perimeter of the circle planted trees whose trunks form the vertical part of the crown and crown themselves have. This crown of the square is the center of gravity while going through the center of the diagonal road. It will therefore be maintained and the link to the islet in the middle of the crown will bridge the existing diagonal axis of the road. In the middle of the island in the center of all the action will be located historic Marian column. The crown of the water and well in the "cloister" is returning to the city still neglected, but so necessary water area.

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