The office building Spektrum


The house is characterized by its corner location. Produces both corner entrance to the future Brewery Square, dominated and end view from the street JMMarků. Before the object is created public space with parking. Supporting the eastern wall is designed as a shield, with no holes for subsequent construction of the secondary plot.
The building is a three-storey, two-bay building ground plan dimensions of 28.7 x 11.3 m with roofing flat roof is structurally designed as a three-storey reinforced concrete frame structure mounted to floor height of 3.75, 3.45 and 3.45 m, with a rigid roof and ceiling plane formed by reinforced concrete slab with filigree zmonolitněním.
In is leaseable space, entrance hall with reception, room for bicycles, stands containers municipal, resp. sorted waste. Second and 3 np contains offices with accessories. The building is kosodélníkového plan (north and south facade in plan rounded by a circle of large radius), with a flat roof walkable. retreats on the plan and creates arcade street Brewery, (the square). The volume of construction in performs a balcony on the roof and superstructure. The supporting structure is a reinforced concrete skeleton complete with a retaining wall in the northern slope directly related to construction. Vertical communication provide direct stair with an intermediate landing. Facades will be partially suspended, combining glass and solid areas, partly walled with traditional fillings. The bridge is connected allowing direct access from the street on the Ramparts.
Disposition to the maximum extent available for flexible use of the interior, and broken drywall partitions and glass partitions. The construction follows the pavement surface treatment communications to the street on the Ramparts and arcade

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