Interior of the flat in Prague


The apartment was implemented just finished building development project, which suffers from all the ills of the type of buildings, starting with low ceilings and ending with zero personality. Chodbovitá complex layout was finished main living room, which was conceived for the tangents on the plan as a slice of the ellipse.
Plethora of door frames in the hallway we eliminate obložek substitute into the main room for frameless glass sliding wall and creating a wardrobe with tile walls, which integrated the entrance to the locker room.
Twice jogged corridor scelila cast epoxy floor and the remaining niche was used as an accent for placement abstract creative sculpture. The main living space was its shape, divided into three triangular area of ​​kitchen, dining room and feared. Triangular elements were used segmented triangular pieces of furniture. The result is a kitchen island, dining table and sofa.
Straight wall with a length of 12 m was divided into two parts, where hairy acoustically absorbent encompass space for television, while smooth compact also included sliding door into the hallway and integrate all the functions that are needed to run the kitchen. So there was a big box with a huge amount of storage space.
A special feature is the electrically sliding center shelving unit in the middle of the kitchen island. Colour is a room designed in a dominant contrast walnut floors and white furniture elements. Color space is accentuated only variable elements colored decorations.

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