Reconstruction of Nový Zámek


I believe that many of the citizens Rudoltice pursuing for years a gradual recovery Zamecku. Many of us will also help his recovery, both in money, work, or just a good word that is so needed in the reconstruction.
Thanks kastelánce Mrs. KRASAVA Šerkopové could see many visitors to the building, which was long after six decades closed to the public. Ms. Chatelaine often at the risk of their own health and local tourist guides in the rooms that were available for the first time. This is essentially a vast underground areas where in the past stocked beer.
The significant financial in-spinach Mgr. Jiri Vavra, we managed primarily to save the building before the dissolution. When he had studied statics and literally ran away with the fact that such an object is extremely dangerous and threatens to collapse. House roofs are almost without shedding rain water and damaging frosts and vandals was newly roofed, reinforced by many hundreds of tons of steel and concrete. To prevent the castle chambers after neproháněl winds were holes embedded in re replicas of the original baroque windows. After complete repair of the facade was completed the first stage of recovery castle tower. Not threaten the already collapsing and new cladding it perfectly protected against the effects of natural disasters.

Then we started thinking, how could lodge in the future work. Until then, we are all made from pure enthusiasm and the effort to save unique cultural landmark, a rare architectural masterpiece and symbol not only Rudoltice of course, but the entire Lanškroun.
Part of the project was also restore a club and restaurant space. Other money transfer to the extension kitchen, built-in water cellars, toilets and a further modification to ensure better service to visitors. Without food and without toilets mansion was actually very spartan. We took loans and partly through design office AI5 managed to invest not only food, but also to work.
Kokeš's response to the question:
When should be the reconstruction Zámečku completely finished and then what will be its overall appearance?
Reconstruction Zámečku never actually be completed because the ideal situation would be if the construction was completed to its original form. Anyway facility should be designed in the shape of an ellipse, as it was originally. Around it would build a wall to the area would lead four gates on four sides, directed at potential four towers which object originally had. In addition, there should be quite a large fountain built in the Baroque design. Ground plan of the castle should uncover in order to show how the area was large and spacious. On one side of the lock should then arise amphitheater which could hold up to one thousand people. A tower itself should therefore have a restaurant on the ground floor, upstairs lounge on the second floor of the apartment or club (in the English sense of the word) at the top and in the attic apartment tower. If successful, it should be in the meadow toward Rudolticím done driving range to hit golf balls, and then maybe even the entire golf course, which would run in the opposite direction, and would be designed as a natural park, which could be from Lanškroun ponds go on paved roads all the way up to the manor and down to Rudoltice. If would be better still, of course I would have liked if he gradually built the building to its original appearance. But this is really just a vision in perspective to be forty years old.

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