Vila Kypuše


Very demanding reconstruction of the villa from 1912 may rather be characterized as its full restoration. Expulsion of the original owners and the subsequent socialist economy outclassed exhibition villa in hostel for forestry workers. Permanent neúdržba then caused major damage so that the object did not already use. After the revolution alternated object owner and finished the work of destruction homeless who removed everything that could be sold or burn. At the first
inspection, it was clear that the house must undergo major repairs. Long waterlogged foundations began in the bottom of the bowl and the front wall of the building and tore down the slope dropped out about 10 cm. The original stone was bowling
completely collapsed. First Thoughts statics lead to unequivocal conclusion to demolish the house and build again. Ant works managed to recover most of the structures, but above all the wooden parts of the house had to be created from scratch. The house there was no detailed documentation. Both interior and exterior and underwent partial changes. The bowling alley was full extent reconstructed and newly adapted for year-round use with glazing stone arches. The original basement was repaired so well that now make up a full living space. But there was a fundamental change in the level of the ground floor. Here was restored fireplace, beamed ceiling decking and an open hall with staircase and coffered ceiling. Four floors of the original villas were not ready for a new use, but also added a number of structural elements, corresponding in nature to the time of, or paraphrase a classic architectural creation, creating the modern image of the original principles. For all the details it is possible to
mention the gallery railing, which is done by cutting a modern CNC technology in bio-boards glued timber. Ornament is a remnant, a small inspiration from the original house. Enlarged and then repeated to create a unique character, but that is not common with the original villa, nothing more than a small drawing on pottery ornament. Similarly, we also came to the way bathroom from the bedroom department, where the original place to replace glass wall. Frames and the doors remained inspired by classical architecture and this element creates an impressive impression.

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