Garden Arbor

Česká Třebová

The building was designed at the family house on a terrain break planted with mature ash trees. Construction of private space separates the garden from the adjoining roads and its ground plan shape exactly respects the original edge of the field break. The wall, which is the dominant element of the design, thus creating curved casing head close to the trees. To avoid damage to the root system is plotted on the wall vaults that are based pilot in the trees. Towards the garden wall is doubled. The Class A snug toilet, store garden furniture and kitchen garden. Around the walls of the colonnade with columns made ​​of cylindrical wooden columns, wooden decks and roof rack, which passes off the wall in a large covered terrace. Osten terrace is above a garden pond and swept its shape evokes the prow. Pent roof is designed as a grassy, so when viewed from the house on the building only apply natural stone materials put on the lost joint, cylindrical poles and grass.

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