Remy Kokes

Remy has been designing since 1992. In 2000 he founded his first architectural studio. Gradually, he gains a prominent position in the Pardubice region, where he wins many awards. In 2012, he moves to Prague and later establishes globally successful companies Amplla and Nebesys. The long-standing collaboration with Zuzana Ambro leads to the establishment of the studio, which is based on the original ai5 studio, now called KOKES'AMBRO. He is an experienced architect and designer who never settles for average results. His goal is always a top-quality, well-thought-out solution, developed down to the smallest detail. He is a passionate visionary and innovator. He always seeks a conceptual, procedural and systemic approach to finding fundamentally innovative solutions that are often revolutionary, but he is very analytical and humble.
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