Apartment building Sokolská


The complex is located in the suburbs of the town Lanškroun. Concept structure based on triangular plot, finding a way insolation and creation of social housing. The aim was to create 53 rental apartments in various sizes with all necessary facilities and shop.
The complex consists of two separate residential buildings in the shape of a wedge, which together form an area with courtyard garden. Both houses are in the highest part of the four-storey and three-storey low. Objects are covered by a shed roof oriented on the shorter side. The larger house is turned glazed porch on the north side of the courtyard, a smaller house is also turned four stairs to the north to the street.
Building complex is designed as a monolithic reinforced concrete column and wall skeleton. Space division and acoustical attenuation is solved using plasterboard constructions. Perimeter jacket is designed as a lining insulated 140 mm mineral wool with contact facade. Corridor is self-supporting steel construction with single glazed walls and ceiling with natural ventilation slits between the glasses. The roof is constructed with wooden formwork and provětrávaným sfóliovou attic waterproofing PVC.
Atypical objects based on the passage of the sun from the sky, his highest position to the lowest. Houses and falling where it may be obscured, or the shaded and rise, where penetration limit sun can fully expose him. Glass corridor through the reflection of light provide an alternative option sunlight reflection.

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