Sázava bakery


The building is located at the intersection of two registers, Lanškrouna city, which has the character of industrial zones and municipalities Sázava, which already has a rural structure. The building is due to the transition to nature adapted choice of materials, but especially terse elevator weight arrangement, where manufacturing and administrative operations are integrated into a single prism. It is also surrounded by newly formed permaculture meadow, which enhances the transition of buildings into the wild. The front block, which is made of solid wood facade without any surface treatment, does not just link to the landscape, but it is also an expression of different functions within the building. Are not a factory in the true sense, but a bakery, which is also its products primarily focused on high-quality products with a high proportion of healthy eating. Untreated wood on the facade of the time completely gray and now is able to transform the color and appearance of the building in a matter of minutes depending on the weather. After rain scented wood building completely and dramatically dark. In places where it is more exposed facade grayish faster and even more so monolithic structure of the wooden box. Also drying wood transforms the facade and reminds natural processes that take place inside the building as well (fermentation and baking). Environmental approach is also reflected in the technologies, whether it's a heat recovery or energy obtained from solar panels on the roof. The low thermal losses contributes not least the most compact possible shape of the building. In other respects, this is a fairly standard factory building of reinforced concrete prafabrikátů, with brickwork and steel casing in the rear of the building.

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